An estate plan is typically more than just setting up a will. While a will is often a great start and can provide some level of planning as to where your property will go, it is still an invitation to a probate proceeding. A will does not avoid probate.

Of course, a will is better than no planning at all. With no planning at all and no will, your estate may still have to go through probate.

However, the State of Texas would decide where your property goes based on the laws of what’s called “intestate succession.” This just means you died without a will, and the state has predetermined the succession of your loved ones to whom your property will go.

At least with a will, you decide where your property will go.  But, a will is still an invitation to probate.

Wouldn’t it be better if you decided?

But in some cases a will is right for you and along with powers of attorney, may be all you need.

A will is also where you name guardians for minor children in the event something happens to you. So they are critical documents, but in many cases they are a starting point of an estate plan, not the ending point.

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