Advance Health Directives

Another important part of any estate plan is the Advance Directive (Health Care Power of Attorney/Living Will).  These documents provide for two very important things:

1.  It allows you to name an agent to act on your behalf for day to day health care decisions. This is similar to a financial power of attorney but in this case, the person makes decisions such as which doctor to visit, what medications are appropriate etc.

2.  It acts as a Living Will, allowing you to clearly state your wishes regarding life support and comfort if you are in a vegetative state.

Remember, the Durable Power of Attorney and Advance Directive are critically important because they come into play if you were still alive but could not make decisions on your own behalf. When properly drafted, they allow you to avoid a conservatorship, which is a long, drawn out, expensive court process where someone must be named as conservator to take the actions they could easily take under a power of attorney and advance directive.

So doesn’t it make sense to have these simple documents in place and avoid a conservatorship?

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